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Preparing for Airport Chem-Dry's Carpet Cleaning


Infographic explaining steps to prepare for carpet cleaning in moon township by Airport Chem-Dry

Is your carpet cleaning appointment coming up soon? Great! We are here to help you prepare.

First, simply make note of problem areas that you would like Airport Chem-Dry to focus on. We want to make sure we meet and exceed all your expectations.

Next, pick up any stray toys and clothes so cleaning the carpet can be our main focus. Also, removing breakables from the cleaning areas is very helpful. Clearing the area of toys and breakables allows us to get in and out of your Moon Township home quickly and efficiently.

Airport Chem-Dry has a lot of equipment to pull into your home for proper carpet cleaning. It is helpful to have a parking spot near the door way of the home to easily transfer all the equipment inside. We want to provide the best cleaning possible for you. All these steps will smooth out the cleaning process.

For more detailed questions or requests, please feel free to call (412) 262-2234.